Kruder & Dorfmeister - Johnson

Director & Editor · Music Video · AT 2020

We live in a age where everyone begins to create their own little abstract reality. In a confusing, turbulent world between reality and surreality – surrounded by analog and digital media. Slowed down, we move through space and time, often forgetting about the beauty of our surroundings…

We wanted to shoot in a place that distanced itself from the real present – as if the world had held its breath for a second and paused. It should resemble a picturesque fable or a parable.

The monolith as an answer to the outbreak, was a purposefully chosen “everything and nothing” circumscribing object, which on the one hand should give an answer, on the other hand does not close the space for interpretation in order not to rob the viewer of the mysticism of the music video.

We feel that the cinematic aesthetic we are aiming for is a visual reflection of the K&D sound world. It is completely in line with our personal style – mysterious, dark and atmospheric.