Premiere 2019 AT.



An artist is standing in front of a blank canvas.


His everyday life is characterized by noise and stress.
Masses of people trapped in a system, blind and tied up with their view on small screens. They rush into their own prisons. Sounds that, with more and more information and obligations, are slowly becoming unbearable noise. Anger, love, grief and joy are just uncontrollable variables.


The artist is challenged by the actors of the 21st century. Overwhelmed. Screams.
The screams will not let him go. They are everywhere and always there.
Stress and you yourself become blind.
Sounds become deafening noises.
His creativity surrenders.


A small black line on the canvas and a falling brush.
Now he lies on the ground.
Only he himself screams.

It suddenly becomes quiet and he starts to paint.



Genre: experimental

Runtime: 4min 16sec

Compeltion Date: Feb. 28, 2019

Country of Origin: Austria

Shooting Format: Digital 4k

Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1

Film Color: Color


Director & Writer Stefan Pecher. Producer Christopher Legner. Stefan Pecher. Key Cast "Painter" Valentin-Emil Lubberger. Cast "Girlfriend" Isabella Jeschke. Cast "Co-Worker" Stefan Pecher. Cast "Chef" Perica Antov. Cast "Passerby" Robert Hager. Cast "Controller" Florian Senekowitsch. Music Composer Marius Teuchmann. DoP. Stefan Pecher. Camera Operator David Stefanov. 1st Assistant Camera Judith Dornetshuber. Assistant Director Moritz Rohm. Lighting Florian Senekowitsch. Editor Stefan Pecher Visual Effects Christian Schulz. Production Assistant Christopher Legner. Marius Wasif. Sarah Heidenreich. Niklas Machacek. Alex Kolacz. Make-up Nicole Höfner.

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