„aviditās, ātis, f. (avidus), die instinktartige, hastige, ungeduldige Begierde,
das ungeduldige, heftige, gierige Verlangen, die Hast, Gier, Sucht, …“


Director · Experimental Film · AT 2020

Aviditas explores the addictive behavior in today’s society…

…that lies within all of us. Therefore, the story takes place in several worlds, which are characterized by different ambience – visual and auditory – and different expressions and elements of dancing.

We follow a protagonist throughout the film who is experiencing the path of addiction and its challenges. On the way, she is confronted with decisions, hate, love, lust and jealousy. The emotions she feels are expressed through different dance styles. Reaching the climax, the protagonist enters worlds denoted as “lust” and “freedom”, symbolizing different feelings and possible stages of addiction.